Mug Club Meeting Recap

mugclub_headerDear Suds Swiggers,
Mug Club had a great last meeting and wanted to fill everyone in that couldn’t make it.
1. If your mug still has a sticker from not paying your 2013 mugclub dues by the end of the year you will lose your membership and mug to a new memember. If you do not want to stay in the club but want your mug you may go to Caper’s and take the mug home. If you dont pick it up and its left there by 2014 your name will be etched out and reused by the club in some manor.
2. There will be no “you can not get that beer in your mug” anymore. The point of these mugs is to use them. If the beer is over %8 abv and you want it in your mug there will be a upcharge. Or another option is to get the beer in the glass provided (10oz snifter) and pour it into your mugclub glass. Remember the mugclub glasses are 21oz.
3. Caper’s is restructuring the tap list to accomidate all its patrons wants. As the current taps go out we will be replacing them into this lineup.
The new structure will be:
1 tap to Black Swamp Brewery
1 tap to Maumee Bay Brewery
1 tap to Great Lakes Brewery
1 tap to Bells Brewery
1 tap to DogFish Brewery
1 tap to Sam Adams
1 tap to Bud Light
1 tap to Yuengling
1 tap to Labatt Blue
1 tap to a cider beer
2 taps revolving breweries
4. Food special for the mug club memebers for the month of July is any specialty calzone is $5!
Mug Club Prez

Mug Club Meeting June 24th 2013 at 8pm

MCMEETINGHerculean Beer Stein Affiliates,
We are having a mug club meeting This Monday June 24th at Caper’s at 8pm
This will be an actual meeting, we will all sit at the same table and I will need each of you to bring a cool idea for the future of the mugclub.
We will discus things like the beers Caper’s have had on tap in the past and what you would like to see for the future.
As always I will have a delicious sample or two of something special for all of us to try!
Depending on what we sample I will pair it with food from Caper’s for the club.
Yfed. Means ‘To drink’ in Welsh. Pronounced ‘Uh-ved’.
Mug Club Prez

Glass City Beer Fest March 1st

Coming up fast is the Glass City Beer Fest. It is March 1st at the Lucas Country Rec Center Hall 2, last year it was at the Erie Street Market downtown. Last year we had a small van that drove us from Caper’s to the Fest. Since this year it is so close to Caper’s we will not be doing that, and it is free parking there also. We will meet at Caper’s before hand at 7pm Friday March 1st. Caper’s will have pizza and apps for us to eat before we go! The event goes on till 11pm (doesn’t mean we will stay there the whole time.) Here is the events website for more details: The event is $30 a person in advance and $35 at the door.


Original Gravity Brewery Milan, MI

On the way back from the Detroit Car Show yesterday we took the long way home and stopped in at Original Gravity in Milan, MI. I tried one of their beers at Ashley’s Pub in A2 last year and have been meaning to go check it out. We did a 7 beer flight and had a few snacks. Our favorite beer was their:

Not your typical Amber Ale. Bold flavored Red Ale with pronounced roasted character and caramel notes, balanced with loads of Cascade and Amarillo hops. Medium bodied, deep copper in color and dry hopped for additional hop character this beer is full of flavor.
O.G. = 1.054 – 5.5%


Cigar City Brewing Tampa, FL

Stopped into Cigar City Brewing ove the past holidays down in Tampa, FL. What great beers! Their brewery is in a industrial park like setting similar to how 3 Flyod’s is set up but they do not serve food at Cigar City, only beer. They seem to be doing very quality good beers and also doing some really wild ones that come with a love/hate relationship. They distribute beer in all forms: cans, bottles, big bottles and filling up growlers at the brewery. I was impressed by how well they are doing/brewing beers across the board from easy drinking summer lagers to big IPA’s to awesome smoky brown ales to crazy delicious dark porters. I already cant wait to go back.


3 Floyd’s Brewery Munster, IN

Last Sunday I had an opportunity to hitch a ride and go to 3 Floyd’s by Chicago. Let me say this place was a small piece of heaven, with amazing beer and really good food. It sits in kind of a warehouse district about 5 miles south of Interstate 80 in Munster, IN. They are doing great things and if you come across their beer give it a try.

Mug Club Field Trips – Meetings – Tastings – Goodbyes

We are going to take two brewery trips soon, one to Original Gravity in Milan, MI and one to Three Floyd’s in Munster, IN. We are thinking the beginning of November for these trips. Milan is close, but Munster is close to Chicago. If you are interested in either of these let me know dates you would like to go.
Caper’s is having a 5 sample wine or beer flight tasting with food pairings called “Tailgate for Toledo” for the Byrne Heatherdowns Business Association October 22nd at 6pm. Tickets are $30.
Our next MugClub Meeting will be Monday October 15th at 7pm. We can go over our next trips and have a small beer tasting of potential beers for Caper’s and expand our amazingly sophisticated palates… Also at this meeting we will say fairwell to a very active member KONGSLIDE as he is moving to Wisconsin. Down the road we can do a field trip to his new neck of the woods after he gets aquatinted and finds all the good spots!

Mug Club Meeting Monday September 10th 8:30pm

Humulus Lupulus Lovers,
Our next Mug Club meeting will be Monday September 10th at 8:30pm at Caper’s. We will go over the next group field trip which will be down to see Matt Snyder at the Cafe in the Oliver House Sunday Septemebr 16th. That day is the Toledo Warehouse tour from noon to 4pm and the Oliver House is having food & beer afterward with bands etc… I will also try and get Bobby the craft beer rep there for our meeting and have some samples or maybe a $5 tasting etc…